The Complete U.S. Indian Head Gold Quarter Eagle Collection


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$2.50 Indian Head Gold Coin - .1209 Troy Ounce Gold Content

Scarce Incuse $2.50 Gold Indians

While America’s $2.50 gold piece was the working man’s coin of the 1800s and early 1900s, it was increasingly replaced by bank notes 10 years after the turn of the century. The final gold $2.50 pieces were struck from 1907 to 1916 and again from 1925-1929, the last of their denominations to be struck for circulation, ending a run that began in the 1790s.

One of the shortest-lived series in U.S. coin history, the 1907-1929 “Gold Indian” $2.50 coins are collector favorites today. People love the magnificent portrait of an authentic-looking Native American on the obverse and the proud Bald Eagle on the coin’s reverse. But what really sets these coins apart is their recessed or incused design – which was basically a reverse of the normal die in that the design was pressed into the coin rather than the typical coin where the design rises outward from the coin. Designed by Boston sculptor Bela Lyon Pratt, the $2.50 Gold Indian is joined by the $5 Gold Indian struck during the same period as the only U.S. coins ever issued with incuse deigns, making them two of the most intriguing American coins ever issued!

Now you can secure one of these historic $2.50 Gold Indians for your collection – and in Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) condition! Though tough to find today, we have amassed our own spectacular hoard of fabulous $2.50 Gold Indians. Classic American gold is yours! Dates vary.

1908-1929 2.50 Dollar Gold Indian NGC/PCGS MS62

  • FAMOUS INCUSE DESIGN – Struck from 1908-1929, America’s $2.50 Gold Indian coins featured a design that was recessed or incused into the coin. Only the $5 Indians struck during the same period featured this same incuse deign, making them two of the most intriguing U.S. coins ever issued. Designed by Bela Lyon Pratt, his initials “BLP” can be seen on the coin’s obverse at the base of the Native American’s bust.
  • STRUCK IN PURE AMERICAN GOLD – This coin has been struck in 3.76 gm of 90% American gold.
  • LEGAL TENDER U.S. COINAGE – The denomination of $2.50 is shown on the coin’s reverse where it reads “2½ DOLLARS” Below the talons of the proud American eagle.
  • FANTASTIC GRADE FOR A COIN THIS OLD – Your $2.50 Gold Indian comes in fantastic Brilliant Uncirculated condition. That means it is almost as crisp and fresh as the day it left the mint a century ago!

1908-1929 2.50 Dollar Gold Indian NGC/PCGS MS62


When the new $2.50 Gold Indians were released in 1908, folks gasped. The design was sunk into the surface of the coin rather than raising it above. And what a design! Secure yours now in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. Dates vary.

1914-S ICG $5 Gold Indian Half Eagle Pre-33 US Coin AU58 Better Date/Mint


Year: 1908 to 1929

Grade: Choice BU

Strike Type: Business

Denomination: $2.5

Mint Location: “S” – San Francisco


U.S. numismatist releases book on Indian Head gold quarter eagles, half eagles - Canadian Coin News
1908-1929 2.50 Dollar Gold Indian NGC/PCGS MS62

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    The Complete U.S. Indian Head Gold Quarter Eagle Collection
    The Complete U.S. Indian Head Gold Quarter Eagle Collection
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